How far will you go for your pets?

How far will you go for your pets? Simply Stated's Pet Blogger, Jennifer Mirsky digs deep to find our motivations...

When Nothing is Too Over-the-Top for Your Pet
Aug 30, 2010 7:23:39 PM  |  By Jennifer Mirsky

"Greetings, fellow pet-lovers. Before we get into serious debate about what pets do and do not understand or how to pick the best pet insurance or when to let go and make the tough decisions, I figured a bit of lighthearted confession was in order.

Nothing is too good for our pet. No piece of furniture (ok, well maybe the antique desk in my parents' home), no choice morsel of food (all it takes is one imploring look for me to set a piece aside on my plate), no mode of transportation (the car's seen better days but that's what vacuums are for)..." 

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