Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays!!!
From all of your friends at It’s A Dog’s Life…


Happy Birthday Siyeh!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Siyeh!!!
From all of your friends at It’s A Dog’s Life…


Our thoughts are with Murray and his family. Speedy recovery our furry friend!!!


It's A Dog's Life founder Elena Gretch on WPIX 11 News

It's A Dog's Life founder Elena Gretch is getting ready to discuss Holiday Pet Tips on WPIX 11 morning news. Tune in tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 8) @ 5:20 am or set your DVR!


From all of your friends at It’s A Dog’s Life…
A Dog's Thanksgiving Day

It can be fun to keep our dogs with as we enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, but it's so hard to resist the temptation to share Thanksgiving dinner with them.
Here's a few tips to help keep your furry family members happy and healthy as you gather 'round the table this Thanksgiving Day....

While cooked turkey meat is safe for dogs to eat, be extremely cautious when discarding items used to cook the turkey which may be tempting to dogs, such as skewers, string, pop-up timers, and roasting bags. Swallowing such things can cause an intestinal blockage or perforation.
Turkey bones should never be fed to dogs. All poultry bones splinter easily, and, whether splintered or whole, they can lodge inside or perforate a dog's intestines. Place turkey bones and other garbage in cans with tight fitting, dog-proof lids. If your trash cans are over-filled with extra holiday trash, place the filled bags of garbage behind a closed door with a dog-proof latch.

Turkey skin is something dogs love to eat, but consuming fatty food like poultry skin can lead to gastric distress and Pancreatitis a serious inflammatory condition of the pancreas that causes vomiting and dehydration.

If you think you must share some of your Thanksgiving feast with your dogs, do it safely....

  • A sudden change in diet, like a big bowl of full of turkey and all the trimmings could cause an upset stomach and diarrhea.
  • Add a few pieces of boneless, skinless turkey meat to their regular food.

During Thanksgiving Dinner...

  • Give your dog a special new chewy, an irresistable new toy, or a treat filled Kong Toy or Buster Cube to keep him occupied during the meal.
  • Some well-meaning guests may not know that you don't want anyone to share food with the dog. Before serving, let everyone know that they should not give anything to the dog.
  • Keep a watchful eye on children who might want to feed the cute doggy anyway.
  • Keep a watchful eye on dogs who can't resist the opportunity to steal food from little hands.



Happy H-o-w-l-oween!!!

From all of your friends at It’s A Dog’s Life…



It's A Dog's Life Photos of the Week

We love it when you send us photos of your furry kids! Here are some great pictures taken this week: Pumpkin Mary at a Howloween Event, Penelope and Minka at home


Maggie Friedman

It's A Dog's Life, LLC is deeply saddened by the loss of Maggie Friedman. She was a vibrant and wonderful part of our extended family and she will be missed. I remember when Maggie was just a pup, racing around the table at her first Thanksgiving dinner. We couldn't get enough of this precious bulldog! She grew up to be a patient dog and was wonderful with children and animals alike. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Friedman family and all those that loved her...


Shana Tova from It's A Dog's Life

It's Erev Rosh HaShanah, and services are about to begin. The synagogue is packed. As the congregants are milling around, shmoozing before services, everyone seems to be distracted by a man who has brought with him his beloved dog.

"What chutzpah! an elderly woman whispers aloud. Services begin, and everyone is fascinated by how well the dog behaves. The next morning, the man and his dog arrive early and promptly begin dovening. This time, the dog is wearing its own little tallis and yarmulke , and even appears, upon closer inspection, to be shuckling back and forth as the hazzan intones the prayers. The congregation is amazed.

The week goes by and Kol Nidre arrives. The solemn worship service begins. The man and his dog are back, and this time, just as the hazzan is about to begin the prayers, the dog stands up on its hind legs and howls "Ba-ROOOOOOOCH....! more melodically than the best hazzan. After the service, everyone is clamoring to meet this man and his remarkable dog.

Finally the rabbi comes up to him and says, "That's one talented pooch you have there. You know, you should really consider sending your dog to Rabbinical school."
The man looks down, shakes his head, throws up his hands in disgust and says, "YOU TALK TO HIM! He wants to be a doctor!"

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Elena & the IADL Team


Happy Independence Day!

From all of your friends at It’s A Dog’s Life…



It's A Dog's Life Weekend Training Adventure

Many thanks to Siyeh and his parents for a great weekend in the country!

Practicing our "Sit/Stay" in the open field (and for the camera).

Working on Loose Leash Walking and Heeling with Bob and Siyeh.

Siyeh's first water retrieval session -- such a natural!

Siyeh showing off his "Roll-Over" ...


Prepping Our Pets for Summer

Prepping Our Pets for Summer

Seven tips to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe from NYC Pet Expert Elena Gretch
With temperatures already rising into the 80s in NYC tomorrow and sure to go even higher in the weeks to come, pet owners need to be aware that days in the sun are not always so fun for our pets.

Pets can suffer from the same problems that humans do in hot, humid weather such as overheating, dehydration and even sunburn. To keep your pet happy and healthy this summer, here are tips from NYC Pet Expert & Founder of It’s A Dog’s Life New York, Elena Gretch, CPDT.

1. Limit direct sunlight and use sunscreen on light coated pets. Short haired dogs with light colored coats and skin need to be protected. Topical sunscreen should be applied prior to sun exposure.

2. Protect from fleas, ticks & heartworms. Flea & tick infestations typically occur in warmer weather. Lyme Disease is carried by deer ticks which are prevalent in Eastern Long Island, The Hamptons, Upstate NY, and CT, so I recommend that you use a monthly topical preventative treatment such as Advantix or Frontline Plus. You should be using heartworm medication year-round, but it is essential to use it in the summertime when mosquitoes that carry the illness are at their peak.

3. Tote a portable water bowl. Keeping your pets hydrated on hot days is crucial. Guardian Gear makes easy to carry, fold up water bowls for convenient use on days in the park or on the beach.

4. Use caution on road trips. If you’re hitting the road this summer and taking your pet, seat belts and car crates can keep both you and your pet safe in the event of an accident. Also, stop every 2-3 hours for a 15-minute walk and never, ever leave your dog in a parked car.

5. Use a life vest in strong currents. Yes, dogs can swim, but if you’re headed to the beach or the river, a good canine life vest can encourage swimming AND it protects your pet from the inherent dangers like fatigue and rough water. The US Coast Guard, which regulates human life jackets, does not regulate vests for pets, so be sure to have your pet fitted for the vest that will work best.

6. Upgrade your walking equipment. We spend lots of time outdoors with our pets in the summer and we want to insure good and safe walking practices. Our favorite walking device is the Sensation Harness by Softouch. Its design encourages good walking skills and avoids injury to neck and spine that can occur with flat collar, choke collar, etc

7. Calm thunderstorm anxiety. Many of my clients have dogs that get frightened by thunderstorms. One option is the Storm Defender Cape, which discharges static electricity that builds up in the fur and helps to calm your dog down.

About Elena Gretch, CPDT – Founder of It’s A Dog’s Life New York
NYC Pet Expert Elena Gretch is a former Wall Street gal turned certified dog trainer (CPDT) and the founder of It's A Dog's Life New York, a premium pet care & training service for some of New York’s most prestigious furry four-legged residents. Elena has appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live and regularly appears on New York’s WPIX11 Morning News. She was also featured in amNY and has also provided expertise for pet training stories from the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times and London Telegraph.


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